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Getting Started with Talent Optimization

Here are 4 resources for you to check out in getting started with talent optimization. All of the links are free to use as you evaluate the utility of a company-wide roll-out for your team.
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Five Mistakes to Avoid in Value Stream Mapping

Five things to avoid when leading a team of people through value stream mapping. These are lessons learned from leading my own VSM improvement projects.
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A Primer on Talent Optimization and the Four Ways it Applies to Your AEC Firm

Here's a short primer explaining talent optimization and four ways you can use the Predictive Index tool to create a culture of success and deliver world-class projects inside of your firm.
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7 Great Ways to Demotivate Your Engineers

A tongue-in-cheek article on motivating the most valuable asset in your business: your people. Do the opposite of what's listed and follow the advice to be the leader your people need you to be.
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Why Your Project Team's Performance is Falling Short and What To Do About It

Looking for ways to improve your project team's performance? It's your job to make sure that your company has the right support systems in place. In this post, I write about the four things you need to do to help your project teams achieve success. Your people are the backbone of the firm, and an investment in them will help your business's bottom line.
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